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Most letters of intent start with the all too familiar words “….it is our intention to enter into a contract with you for….”. If this is all the letter says then, as far as a contractual obligation to pay you is concerned, it doesn’t amount to much. It is simply what it says on the time, i.e. an expression of an intention to do something in the future is simply not binding on a party.

A binding letter of intent should be clear and concise bout telling you what your client wants from you and what you may expect in return. Never assume anything. If the letter of intent does not confirm a right, that right simply does not exist.

An example being the right of a Sub-contractor to receive interim payments as the work proceeds but, without such a provision being incorporated in to the letter of intent, there is simply no entitlement to interim payments?

What documents and drawings are you working to?  What if you end up in dispute? What if the contract is cancelled? Where do you stand? All very real examples as to how things can quickly spin out of control so easily? Keep Reading →

Cruse Management acting on behalf of a client is seeking to procure up to an acre of land in the Salesbury, Wilpshire, Ribble Valley area for a client to realise their ambition to construct an eco house.

If you are able to assist us, please contact Ian Cruse on 07780 616563.

All enquiries shall be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Cruse Management have been instructed by Mr Nigel Walton, the managing director of Lamps and Lighting of Burnley  to prepare tender documents for the extension to his family home in the Ribble Valley.

The works consist of a large extension designed by Sunderland Peacock of Clitheroe, and re-modelling of the interior footprint of the property including the provision of a new kitchen . Cruse Management are to be retained to monitor and manage construction activities throughout the duration of the works, including the agreement of the final account.