Cost Management

Our aim is to save you money amounting to far in excess of our fees. We control and review the costs at all stages of the project – from planning to design and through out the construction process.

Our approach to cost management is based on the use of modern, sophisticated tools and techniques and, combined with excellent training, enables us to provide high levels of client service. We are able to offer our clients cost management advice in all aspects of construction.

From the conception of your project we are able to provide practical advice on the outturn cost of your project. We assist the design team with practical advice on the building and site layout, material selection, construction methodology and programme whilst also providing effective advice on costs of potential options to suit your individual requirements.

We utilise our experience and knowledge of construction costs and market conditions, and are able to compile a detailed cost plan which generally consists of an elemental breakdown of the building into trade packages. Each element is individually costed and analysed for financial risk and buildability. This may form the basis of future decisions on the various options available to you.