Project Monitoring

Disputes within construction projects are an all too common occurrence. At Cruse Management Services we are regularly consulted to resolve problems that began with poor communication or a misunderstanding between the parties, often simply arising out of one party misinterpreting the effect of a particular change on the overall project.

Early appreciation of the problem, its documentation and evaluation and the presentation of Its Impact In relation to both time and money can prevent adversarial situations arising. With such Information available the parties are encouraged to resolve the matter at the earliest opportunity and are able to minimise the potentially large expense associated with such issues.

Independent project monitoring provides the experience and knowledge held at Cruse Management Services, fully integrated with our client’s project team. In a supportive and flexible manner; clearly defined objectives with Cruse Management Services expertise ready on hand. The key tasks involved in Independent Project Monitoring are summarised below:

1. A pre-commencement detailed review of the construction programme. One of the key drivers for a successful project is a detailed, properly developed, critical path construction programme. Prior to works commencing on site it is often the case that such a programme has not been prepared. Without a detailed construction programme the project team will be unable to fully appreciate how the project is being constructed, when information is required and hence what issues are critical, near-critical and non-critical. The pre-commencement review by Cruse Management Services will ensure that the construction programme fully complies with all contractual obligations and is also a practical and effective tool with sufficient detail for planning and monitoring the works.

2. Progress Monitoring. Once the detailed construction programme has been put In place it is important that the progress of the works is regularly monitored (usually fortnightly or monthly). This will be a key function of the project delivery team. Cruse Management Services can either fulfil this function on behalf of our client or, in conjunction with our client’s project team, provide an independent review which will ensure confidence in the reporting systems.

Progress monitoring can be further enhanced to include photographic records and a detailed narrative of the ongoing progress of the works. This will highlight Issues• that are critical and near critical, outstanding information required, current changes issued and current risks and opportunities that may be realised on the project. The report will not only keep the project team fully informed of the current status of the works but also help to demonstrate the impact of change on the project with a view to agreeing with all the parties Involved the responsibility of and entitlement due to such changes.

3. The implementation and management of as-built record keeping. An important aspect of monitoring a live project is the recording of as-built information, i.e. when a programmed activity actually started and when It actually finished. On many projects as-built data is not properly recorded. Independent Project Monitoring ensures that all as-built data is recorded. Drawing upon our experience in dispute management we will ensure the as-built data records the reasons that an activity commenced or finished late.


Independent Project Monitoring is a service that can be instigated at any stage within the lifetime of a project but for the most advantageous results early Involvement is recommended. The principal benefits of utilising such a system are summarised below. Keeping all parties aware of the current status of the project including the current critical path of the works. Ensuring compliance with contract provisions. Being able to clearly, concisely and in a timely manner demonstrate an entitlement and hence minimise the risk of entering in to a formal dispute resolution procedure. Understanding the Impact of change in a timely manner, whether employer or contractor driven. This will help towards successful planning and management of the works as part of a mitigation exercise. Understanding current risks, opportunities and trends of the project; for example, If there are areas of the project that can be Improved to meet an earlier completion date financial benefits maybe realised by all parties. Finally, other services that may also be of benefit are detailed below. Prior to the commencement of the project we are able to undertake a full review of the construction contract. During the life of the project we can offer a comprehensive review and management of all contractual correspondence and documentation. If you would like to hear more about our Independent Project Monitoring service and how we can provide a highly cost effective service protecting your contractual entitlements whilst avoiding disputes, please contact Ian Cruse.