Preparation of Tender Documents

We are able to prepare tender documents which may be in the form of Bills of Quantities which are prepared in accordance with the standard methods of measurement where each quantified item can be analytically costed to include all labour, plant, materials, subcontractors, overheads and profit costs, or in the form of Schedules of Works or Specifications. Each shall include materials and workmanship preambles, preliminaries details and the Client’s standard and particular contractual requirements.

Obtaining or Negotiating Tenders

We are able to manage the tender process for the obtaining of robust tender prices for building and/or civil engineering projects precisely in accordance with the Client’s requirements from a number of selected contractors on a comparable basis. Alternatively we are able to negotiate tenders with contractors using our experience and knowledge of current market rates and prices.

Reporting on Tenders Received or Package Deal/Design and Build Offers

Once tenders are returned, we check the priced build ups arithmetically and technically and report on any unusual pricing or omissions. Turnkey packages, design and build and risk free tenders are often sought by Clients and we have the expertise to report on the tender submissions whilst also ensuring the Client’s requirements are being achieved. We also ensure that he is aware of impending cost issues which may arise in the future which may impact on the project budget.

Valuing Construction Work

During the currency of the contract we are able to value any variation or change which may arise using our experience and knowledge of current market rates and prices. Throughout the construction process and on achieving Practical Completion of the contract we are able to measure, value and agree interim valuations, variations and/or final accounts for or with employers, contractors and subcontractors.